SEDCO increasing retention/expansion program

Sep 25, 2017, By: William C. Wadsack, Herald Democrat

As part of its 2017-2018 program for work, the Sherman Economic Development Corp. laid out a number of goals to the Sherman City Council Monday for its next fiscal year. Those goals include retaining and expanding existing employers, recruiting new employers, supporting workforce development and employment programs, marketing SEDCO real estate, raising Sherman’s profile and continuing economic impact reports. 

“We had over 300 site visits in the last fiscal year,” SEDCO President John Plotnik said. “Three years ago, we were lucky to have one site visit in three to four months. That tells us we need to continue to be proactive with our private and public leadership because it’s happening and we just need to control it. We need to respond to these projects and create the best looking jobs in our area.”

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